Huddle adds a cuddly feature

Huddle the cloud service for your online workspace – much like Google Docs – has added a new social feature. You can now leave comments with documents. A great moment for me to introduce you with this cool online service, for those not already familiar with.

When you enter Huddle the first time you will notice the clean and fresh blue white design. Now the next thing you will notice are the nice interactive demo’s and hint pop-ups which will guide you through the features Huddle has to offer. And I will tell you, they come in numbers. Where the focus for Google Docs lies – as the name suggests – with an online document space. Huddle steps beyond these boundaries and reaches out to your everyday employee which is in need of a cloud service which can deliver an online workspace.

Just in a nutshell some of the features Huddle has to offer you:

  • Reviewing
  • Versioning
  • Calendar
  • To-Do list
  • File storage
  • Preview of documents
  • Latest and greatest: commenting

And with this last feature I really think they are on the right track. Remember Google’s briljant project which should take over the world and maybe shook up the way you were using e-mail? Google Wave. Now disassemble Google Wave from all negative combine it with the best of Google Docs and add above features and you got a killer webservice.

The only real concern is their pricing. And I mean a real concern. While you can try everything for free, see lots of video’s, demo’s, you won’t find anything about how much it will cost you. If you want to join this service you’ll have to contact the sales department. So unless you work in a big corporate enterprise and you can convince your boss for using this or you got a lot of spare money somewhere hidden in a sock, this won’t be something much customers would buy.

While you don’t have to give the whole package for a nickel and a dime, there are still options left open to serve the masses. And by masses I mean small project groups with a small budget. They are dying for something like this.

So Huddle step up and reach out to these pour kids out there and claim world dominance.

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