Microsoft releases Project Online


Last week Microsoft released Project Online. For me it has been a long wait as I have been playing around with Project Online since the preview version was available in July 2012.

So for people that don’t know Project Online it is basically the cloud version of Project Server.  You now have the ability to provision it in the cloud and use it on a per user basis. In my opinion this will make Project Server functionality a lot more accessible and flexible to small and medium sized businesses.

I can image that a lot of businesses in the past didn’t choose for a PPM Solution like Project Server or any other PPM solution because of cost and effort that is needed to implement such a solution. Now with a few click of a button you have your own Project Online environment to support your projects. The per user basis of Project Online gives an organization a lot of flexibility in the use of the PPM solution.

So why should you and your business get excited about Project Online?

Project Online offers a centralized place for all your projects, a centralized resource pool to determine demand vs. capacity within your organization, it offers portfolio management, on demand reports and the list goes on. All you need to guide your projects to success.

In my opinion Project Online is a great step by Microsoft to make a PPM solution accessible to smaller markets. But it doesn’t stop there, it is also a great way for a bigger organizations to support program’s or specific departments. But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself

I am looking forward to see how the adaptation of Project Online will be in the coming months and the responds of the business that are using it.


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