Build to impress

watch-detailWorking in small iterations is our motto and ‘lean and mean’ are our new buzz words. Yes we definitely use SCRUM and hell we are agile. So agile that we do everything the business wants (and more) and faster. Lean and mean, means breaking developing rules, hack everything together and don’t mind the future. Not exactly.

Today we had our first (real) sprint demo and I really loved it. We presented the planned user stories and showed off our development results. Psyched as we all were (ok maybe not all, or maybe just me 😉 ) it showed the importance of details. Because details do matter especially in a demo like today. You want to show off, you want to be proud of the things you’ve built. Not just closing tickets and checking to-do lists. And there’s the bare essence of product development. Because whenever your developer is proud of his work, you (as Product Owner or stakeholder) are probably too and even more your users or clients.

So whenever your goal is to do more in less time and don’t mind the details, you would get average product development and equal business results. So let them build that nice hover, user-friendly clicker thingy, flashy button or shiny retina logo. As long as it adds to your needs and more importantly your user-story.

And yes it will probably slow you down, and yes as SCRUM master I will still be focusing on getting things done. But in the end the users will be most impressed by the quality of work you delivered and not by the amount of story points you’ve burnt down.

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