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Where the magic happens

#throughglassAs if one inspirational day wasn’t enough we kicked in today with a nice Google Glass hack-a-ton. Todays program was as packed as a black fridays fashion shop or One Direction last performance (wished that were true) ticket venue. In the morning we got some inspirational speeches from our Google Glass prophet @Rhymo, conceptional thinking afterwards and after the lunch we started programming for the Glass. Around 4 o clock we had to deliver working code, so not much room left for error. I will give a glance at how the day went down, but most importantly what I picked up and learned from it. Continue reading


Get out more often

get-out-thereToday we had our kick-off day of one of the biggest projects in my career so far. The – and I will not call it a redesign – newest (nextlevelshit) version of The biggest and most popular news site of the Netherlands. So I am a little bit psyched to be honest. Not your everyday website if you consider that the most popular article of 2013 beats the most popular article of The Guardian…. So it’s a good thing to have somewhat of kickstart to get us going. At first I was a little bit sceptic, wasn’t a whole day a bit too much? I mean meetings that takes more than an hour usually end up in my cancel/decline list. Same goes for meetings with more than ten persons. As you may have noticed I am an efficient and time boxed kind of person 😉 Continue reading

Build to impress

watch-detailWorking in small iterations is our motto and ‘lean and mean’ are our new buzz words. Yes we definitely use SCRUM and hell we are agile. So agile that we do everything the business wants (and more) and faster. Lean and mean, means breaking developing rules, hack everything together and don’t mind the future. Not exactly. Continue reading

Don’t be afraid

donotbeafraidofchangeI think many can recall a moment where they were afraid of the feedback they might get during a test period. Afraid that the business may rethink themselves, afraid of totally unplanned new features. Afraid that some people who see your product for the first time, break your whole world to shreds and claiming your design is from the mid-60’s and created by some drunk and stoned time-traveling Skynet hippie. Continue reading

Not too simple

Simple productSure the phrase KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) has come around much and must sound familiar to you. And you are probably screaming you are doing one of these things:  ‘lean and mean’, ‘agile’, ‘SCRUM’. In this post I will explain, what the possible pitfalls are of these methods and why you shouldn’t always focus on making things as simple as possible. Continue reading

New ways to implement your “Page not found”

How annoying is it if you’re looking for something and you end up on a 404 (page not found) page. I always thought there must be better ways to tell your user the content isn’t there anymore. It seems that more people see the need to change that ugly thing. One way to do that is direct users to other content, even better; relevant content to the one you were looking for. But there are more possibilities and the organization Notfound really understood it well. They came up with the idea to advertise missing children on 404 pages.

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Gamification in Projects

(Project)managers tend to forget about thanking and rewarding their team members and instead focus on the work that has to be done and drill down on deadlines. Propstoyou a new teamboard platform, helps you giving these rewards to your team members and give them that extra motivation boost to go that extra mile. Propstoyou is a tool that mixes gamification into your projects. For those who do not already know, Gamification is when you add a gaming element to something that is in essence not a game, in this case projects. An example of gamification is whenever you post a lot on forums you notice that you will promote in rank and/or you are rewarded with badges. Same goes for Propstoyou within projects.

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