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Using Custom list entries to create Enterprise Projects

I have been playing around with Project Server 2013 for a while now and there is a specific, for the lack of a better term feature (I will refer it as a feature for the rest of this post) that from my point of view is easy to use and can add a lot of value. In Project Server 2013 you are able to make a site and in this site you are able to make a custom list. While that is not that interesting, it becomes a lot more interesting when you know that new items in that custom list can be promoted to Enterprise Projects. Continue reading


Per-User Identity for Performance Point exhibits intermittent behavior

This week I had to troubleshoot a strange problem on SharePoint 2010 (But also applies to SharePoint 2013) of a client regarding PerformancePoint. The reason of this post is that it took a while to figure out the resolution and I have seen multiple people asking for a resolution for the same problem without a clear answer.

This specific client uses a lot of PerformancePoint Dashboards showing users their required information. All the dashboards are configured with “Per-User Idenitity” authencation. The reason I tell you this is that “Per-User Idenity” authencation needs to be Kerberos on the SharePoint farm  to function correctly. The client had a double two-tier SharePoint farm. So they had two databases and two application servers that also function as the web servers. All of a sudden out of nowhere all dashboards stopped working.

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Project Professional 2013 Reports Revisit

A long while ago I wrote about the new reports functionaly avialable in Project Professional 2013. When I wrote that piece I was still working with the preview version now with Project Professional being realease for a while now I just want to quickly revist the report functionality in Project Professional 2013.

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Microsoft releases Project Online


Last week Microsoft released Project Online. For me it has been a long wait as I have been playing around with Project Online since the preview version was available in July 2012.

So for people that don’t know Project Online it is basically the cloud version of Project Server.  You now have the ability to provision it in the cloud and use it on a per user basis. In my opinion this will make Project Server functionality a lot more accessible and flexible to small and medium sized businesses.

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The moral of this story is…

A nice and quick post on one of my experiences at a client.

This client was having problems with their SharePoint & Project Server 2010 environment. All resources in Project Server where not able to click on Timesheets without the following error coming up:


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England, Project Server 2013 and learning

Before I begin I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all a great 2013!

A lot of great things will happen in 2013. SharePoint & Project Server 2013 are out and I will be playing around with that and off course Project Online the cloud version of Project Server is on the horizon. Happy times I would say.

Now in December I had the pleasure of going to England to our Partner/Colleagues Corporate Project Solutions. The purpose of this visit to play and learn everything I could within three weeks of Project Server 2013. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at CPS for this great experience.  It was a honor to work with such a talented bunch of people.

So what did I learn?

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Practice makes Perfect Part 8 – Customizing the Ribbon

I have been working with Microsoft Project for a decent amount of time now and I go to a lot of clients during my Project Server implementations. One thing I noticed with the average Project Manager that they never use the feature to customize their ribbon. For the people that do not know what the ribbon is, it is the action bar where all the buttons reside in Office products.


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