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Gamification in Projects

(Project)managers tend to forget about thanking and rewarding their team members and instead focus on the work that has to be done and drill down on deadlines. Propstoyou a new teamboard platform, helps you giving these rewards to your team members and give them that extra motivation boost to go that extra mile. Propstoyou is a tool that mixes gamification into your projects. For those who do not already know, Gamification is when you add a gaming element to something that is in essence not a game, in this case projects. An example of gamification is whenever you post a lot on forums you notice that you will promote in rank and/or you are rewarded with badges. Same goes for Propstoyou within projects.

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First Look session on the new release of Microsoft Project

6864.Microsoft Logo.png-450x0 Next week on the 6th of September Ill be giving a Dutch presentation at Microsoft in the Netherlands about the new version of Microsoft Project. Ill be giving a overview on Microsoft Project Professional 2013 and Project Online. I will demonstrate all the new features that are available in the new version.

This session will give you a good overview of what’s new and coming your way and how to use the new version of Project in your business.

There are still places left for this free session so if you are interested you can sign up here. Please keep in mind this session is in the Netherlands and will be given in dutch.

First Look new release of Microsoft Project

Hope to see you there.

Microsoft Project Pro 2013 Preview Full Serial x86 x64

Practice makes Perfect Part 5 – Microsoft Project Resource Pool

associates I was triggered to make this post about the Resource Pool functionality because I see a lot of questions about it popping up from clients and forums I am involved in.

In this post I will give a quick overview of how you create and use a resource pool.

Note that I am talking about Project Professional here and not the Project Server Enterprise resource pool functionality. I hope this post will give some insight in how you can use this functionality without having the luxury of Project Server.

Again I will be using Microsoft Project Professional 2013 to demonstrate this. However this is the preview version and not the final product changes may still occur.

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