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Per-User Identity for Performance Point exhibits intermittent behavior

This week I had to troubleshoot a strange problem on SharePoint 2010 (But also applies to SharePoint 2013) of a client regarding PerformancePoint. The reason of this post is that it took a while to figure out the resolution and I have seen multiple people asking for a resolution for the same problem without a clear answer.

This specific client uses a lot of PerformancePoint Dashboards showing users their required information. All the dashboards are configured with “Per-User Idenitity” authencation. The reason I tell you this is that “Per-User Idenity” authencation needs to be Kerberos on the SharePoint farm  to function correctly. The client had a double two-tier SharePoint farm. So they had two databases and two application servers that also function as the web servers. All of a sudden out of nowhere all dashboards stopped working.

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SharePoint List\Project Workspace list datasheet view edit problem.

lijst This is a bit more technical post then you are used to. But I find it important to do some of these from time to time.

One of my clients had a problem about editing a list in the datasheet view in a Project Workspace. I also seen this issue coming up on the MSDN forums. A good opportunity for me to make a small post how to correct this.

In SharePoint 2010 or in this case the Project Server 2010 Project Workspace it is possible to edit a list in the datasheet view.

Now my client really wanted to edit the column “Comments” however this was for some reason not possible. The datasheet view didn’t let you edit the column and looked like it was only read-only. Here is what I did to fix this problem.

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