Don’t be afraid

donotbeafraidofchangeI think many can recall a moment where they were afraid of the feedback they might get during a test period. Afraid that the business may rethink themselves, afraid of totally unplanned new features. Afraid that some people who see your product for the first time, break your whole world to shreds and claiming your design is from the mid-60’s and created by some drunk and stoned time-traveling Skynet hippie. Continue reading


The moral of this story is…

A nice and quick post on one of my experiences at a client.

This client was having problems with their SharePoint & Project Server 2010 environment. All resources in Project Server where not able to click on Timesheets without the following error coming up:


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Not too simple

Simple productSure the phrase KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) has come around much and must sound familiar to you. And you are probably screaming you are doing one of these things:  ‘lean and mean’, ‘agile’, ‘SCRUM’. In this post I will explain, what the possible pitfalls are of these methods and why you shouldn’t always focus on making things as simple as possible. Continue reading

England, Project Server 2013 and learning

Before I begin I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all a great 2013!

A lot of great things will happen in 2013. SharePoint & Project Server 2013 are out and I will be playing around with that and off course Project Online the cloud version of Project Server is on the horizon. Happy times I would say.

Now in December I had the pleasure of going to England to our Partner/Colleagues Corporate Project Solutions. The purpose of this visit to play and learn everything I could within three weeks of Project Server 2013. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at CPS for this great experience.  It was a honor to work with such a talented bunch of people.

So what did I learn?

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Practice makes Perfect Part 8 – Customizing the Ribbon

I have been working with Microsoft Project for a decent amount of time now and I go to a lot of clients during my Project Server implementations. One thing I noticed with the average Project Manager that they never use the feature to customize their ribbon. For the people that do not know what the ribbon is, it is the action bar where all the buttons reside in Office products.


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New ways to implement your “Page not found”

How annoying is it if you’re looking for something and you end up on a 404 (page not found) page. I always thought there must be better ways to tell your user the content isn’t there anymore. It seems that more people see the need to change that ugly thing. One way to do that is direct users to other content, even better; relevant content to the one you were looking for. But there are more possibilities and the organization Notfound really understood it well. They came up with the idea to advertise missing children on 404 pages.

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Second session new release of Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project 2013After a vacation of both authors we are back and recharged and ready for whatever the last two months of 2012 can throw at us. Blogs will start popping up again in a sort of regular fashion. To start this of, I would like to announce that I am again giving a Dutch presentation at Microsoft in the Netherlands about the new release of Microsoft Project on the 1ste of November.

I am really pleased that I can do this again. I will be giving a overview on what is new in Project Professional 2013 and show you the cloud based version of Microsoft Project Server “Project Online” This session will give you a good overview of the new enhancements and features in the new release that will help anyone that works with Microsoft Project.

It is a free session so if you are interested you can sign up at the link below. Please keep in mind this session is in the Netherlands and will be given in Dutch.

First Look new release of Microsoft Project


Hope to see you there