Microsoft Project “Practice makes Perfect”

During a three day Prince2 Practitioner course with me being a consultant that implements Microsoft Project. I asked the six project managers the following question: “How many of you use Microsoft Project to plan your projects” The responds was as what I expected “I use Excel”, “I only use it to draw up my initial plan and hang it against a wall”. While I do not like Excel as a planning tool, I can understand a lot of Project Managers use it.

My follow-up question is then do you update your plan on a weekly basis. The answer I usual get then is no. I have it in my head and update the plan when I need to (which usual takes a lot of time).

This is an example on what I see on day to day basis. There are still a lot of Project Managers that use Microsoft Project to make a plan and then never use it again to update it.

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Micro Open Source – The Why?

Companies are thinking a lot lately of going Open Source with their source code, but not much of them will eventually take this giant leap. Because lets be honest it will take a lot of courage to bring your delicately nice written code to the open world. But there are some other options you can consider to do with your source code. One of them I like to call Micro Open Source. Got your attention? Well head on to the next paragraph.

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Why not Mash-Up?

MashupsThis generation of internet – as I like to call it the 3rd generation (dive into this at another chapter) – has brought us lot of possibilities. Think about Google, Spotify, Facebook and many more. Products that not only made our lives a little bit easier but also brighten up the future for upcoming products (or in particularly mashups). Facebook and Spotify does this by opening up an app environment, Twitter for example does this by opening up his API. Cool ways to collect valuable data and mash this up to make it into your own little product. Sad but true there are not a lot of those examples around. Let me explain why and why I think it should be worthwhile to at least think about the possibilities. Continue reading

The Prince needs to be refreshed


The last three days I followed a Prince2 Practitioner course to refresh my knowledge to prepare for the Practitioner exam the end of the month. The course was given by
Henny Kerkvliet a very good instructor of Prince2 who uses the theory and
practice to help you prepare for the exam.

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Welcome to the SpeakingSilent blog created by Andrew Gerssen and Robin Kruithof. In this blog we will be talking about Project Management, Microsoft Project and Project Server, Media and Web development.

Why is it called SpeakingSilent?

We didn’t a really obvious name like something with our names in it and blogging itself is like speaking silently nobody can hear you but the words are there.

Why do you blog?

Because we enjoy it. In our jobs we find a lot of different things we can talk about that we like to share with more people then only our selves. Project Management is a passion of us both and we like to talk about it.

Microsoft Project and Project Server is the technology we both use within our projects. Robin is also a Consultant in Project and Project Server and has a lot of experience to share on that front.

Media is something we are both interested in. Andrew has a background in web development and wants to share his experience on that front.

I hope you will enjoy what we will write here in the coming weeks any feedback is always welcome.

Our next blog is coming soon…