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Practice makes Perfect Part 5 – Microsoft Project Resource Pool

associates I was triggered to make this post about the Resource Pool functionality because I see a lot of questions about it popping up from clients and forums I am involved in.

In this post I will give a quick overview of how you create and use a resource pool.

Note that I am talking about Project Professional here and not the Project Server Enterprise resource pool functionality. I hope this post will give some insight in how you can use this functionality without having the luxury of Project Server.

Again I will be using Microsoft Project Professional 2013 to demonstrate this. However this is the preview version and not the final product changes may still occur.

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Microsoft Project “Practice makes Perfect”

During a three day Prince2 Practitioner course with me being a consultant that implements Microsoft Project. I asked the six project managers the following question: “How many of you use Microsoft Project to plan your projects” The responds was as what I expected “I use Excel”, “I only use it to draw up my initial plan and hang it against a wall”. While I do not like Excel as a planning tool, I can understand a lot of Project Managers use it.

My follow-up question is then do you update your plan on a weekly basis. The answer I usual get then is no. I have it in my head and update the plan when I need to (which usual takes a lot of time).

This is an example on what I see on day to day basis. There are still a lot of Project Managers that use Microsoft Project to make a plan and then never use it again to update it.

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