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Practice makes Perfect Part 3 – Views

bromo_view_penanjakan This post in the Practice makes Perfect series is about views. The reason behind it is that I myself when starting to use Project for my Project plans always used the default view of Project to edit and view my Project Plan. I sometimes switched to the Tracking Gantt or resource sheet but that is about it.

Great view isn’t it!

Only when I became a Project Consultant and had to know a lot more of Project that I realized I was missing out on something really easy but with so many benefits.

For this post I am again using the Project Professional 2013 preview version. This is not the finally product so things might change.

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Practice makes Perfect Part 2 – Baselines

image When I was in a Prince2 Practitioner refresh course the other week I asked around who uses Project Professional to plan their projects. Only a few did, then I asked who uses baselines in their plans. None of them responded. This gave me the incentive to make a post about baseline usage in Project Professional.

For this post I will again use Project Professional 2013. As always this is not the finished product and images do not represent the final version. Things might change.

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Project Professional 2013 Reports

report With the preview version out I was able to play around with Project Professional 2013. Like always this is the preview version so things might change.

When playing around with Project Professional 2013 I came by a new feature that I just had to blog about. Reports in Project Professional were not always of best use. They had their uses but in my experience I hardly used them.

In Project Professional 2013 however Microsoft decided to do something cool.

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Project Online a new step forward

Just as always Project Online and Project Professional 2013 are out in the preview version. A lot of changes can still be made. I also want to point out that statements I make are mostly based on assumptions. As I don’t know what the final product will actually bring.

With the preview version coming out Microsoft also showed Project Online. So what is it? It is basically the office 365 version of Project Server. Project Server at the moment is only available as a Server product. For small – medium companies this might be too expensive to support.

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Practice makes Perfect Part 1 – Timeline

I am often asked “why should we upgrade from Project Professional 2007 to Project Professional 2010”. My answer would be “Why not” Project Professional 2010 has some new features/functions that can make a Project Managers live a lot easier.

In the first part of Practice makes Perfect I am going to talk about one of these new features; the Timeline.

“With the new office version Project Professional 2013 coming out in preview I used that to create most of the images. Remember this is still a preview version so things might change.”

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