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Don’t be afraid

donotbeafraidofchangeI think many can recall a moment where they were afraid of the feedback they might get during a test period. Afraid that the business may rethink themselves, afraid of totally unplanned new features. Afraid that some people who see your product for the first time, break your whole world to shreds and claiming your design is from the mid-60’s and created by some drunk and stoned time-traveling Skynet hippie. Continue reading


Practice makes Perfect Part 7 – Groups and Filters

Microsoft Project Pro 2013 Preview Full Serial x86 x64In my post Practice makes Perfect Part 3 – Views I explained how you can make your own  view. In that post I promised to also show how you can make your own groups and filters. While I expect a lot of people find this easy or just use the default groups and filters it is still useful for beginners.

I will also take the time to go trough the default filters and groups and might be useful on a daily basis.

And again I will be using the preview version of Project Professional 2013 for this post. This is not the final product and changes may still occur. If you are curios about the new version of Microsoft Project go here and try it out for yourself.

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Gamification in Projects

(Project)managers tend to forget about thanking and rewarding their team members and instead focus on the work that has to be done and drill down on deadlines. Propstoyou a new teamboard platform, helps you giving these rewards to your team members and give them that extra motivation boost to go that extra mile. Propstoyou is a tool that mixes gamification into your projects. For those who do not already know, Gamification is when you add a gaming element to something that is in essence not a game, in this case projects. An example of gamification is whenever you post a lot on forums you notice that you will promote in rank and/or you are rewarded with badges. Same goes for Propstoyou within projects.

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Practice makes Perfect Part 6 – Team planner

plan-for-future-1 I rarely use team planner in my day to day activities what is a shame as it cool be valuable tool for anyone that regularly works with resources. In this post I will try to explain team planner and how you can use it. I will for instance show how resource leveling works and of course all the other options that are available.

Again I will be using Project Professional 2013 for this post. This is still in the preview version and it is not the final product. If you are curious about Project Professional 2013 you can go here and try it out for yourself.

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Project Online – The Timeline in Project Web App


With the Project Preview that started in July I had the time to test out Project Online. For people that do not know what Project Online is, it is basically Project Server 2013 in the cloud.

Previously made a post about the Project Professional Timeline and how you can use it. That post you can find here and this post is a little addition as Project Online has the Timeline in Project Web App. I personally really like this addition to Project Web App as it gives you a nice graphical presentation of your project. However there is a little more in Project Online.

Project Online is still in the preview version this is not the final product so changes can still be made.

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Practice makes Perfect Part 5 – Microsoft Project Resource Pool

associates I was triggered to make this post about the Resource Pool functionality because I see a lot of questions about it popping up from clients and forums I am involved in.

In this post I will give a quick overview of how you create and use a resource pool.

Note that I am talking about Project Professional here and not the Project Server Enterprise resource pool functionality. I hope this post will give some insight in how you can use this functionality without having the luxury of Project Server.

Again I will be using Microsoft Project Professional 2013 to demonstrate this. However this is the preview version and not the final product changes may still occur.

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Practice makes Perfect Part 4 – Indicators

rag1 Not so long ago I was talking to a friend of mine who said that while he likes indicators in his project plan he just doesn’t have the time to figure out how to make them. So hé why not blog about it because he is probably not the only one that works with project on a day to day basis and want to get something more out of his plan.

To start of you need to know about the limitations. In standard Project Professional you are only able to make two types of indicators. One for Tasks and one for Resources. If you happen to work for a company that has Project Server you are also able to make indicators for Projects. This feature is mostly used to make nice dashboards.

In this post I am going to focus on what you can do in Project Professional without a connection to Project Server. Ill discuss and make a indicator for a Task.

Ill be using Project Professional 2013 for this exercise. Like always this is still the preview version so changes may still occurred. (My gut says that their won’t be but hé I still need to point it out.)

Let’s start shall we.

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